Gates open on Friday 27th July for Camping Ticket holders at 12 NOON. There will be some great entertainment from 6-11pm.

Friday Night is Theatre, Fun and Music at Southburgh Festival

This year we welcome back Garlic theatre to perform their latest show ‘Three Little Pigs Tails’

'Let me in little piggie it's blowing a gale Not by the hairs on my little pink tail'

A brand new version of the classic story of the three little pigs set in Paris. A grumpy old wolf is a chef who wants some pigs' tails for his soup. Will the little pigs outwit the wolf and what kind of house will they build? A funny, warmhearted and interactive rustic tale to make you squeal with laughter, bristling with puppets, live music and lots of joining in. Garlic Theatre entertain the whole family with beautifully crafted puppets, music and a garlicky French twist to the tale.
Devised and designed by the Company
Performer Iklooshar Malara
Direction Steve Tiplady
Puppetry direction Mark Pitman and Liz Walker
Music Iklooshar Malara

Serendipity theatre company will bring their polished version of ‘From Zimbabwe with Love’ first performed at Southburgh in 2016 it tells of One man’s journey across continents and cultures; an uplifting story about family ties, love , truth and honesty.

Written and performed by Michael Angus Clarke
Directed by Steve Wooldridge

Meet Robert Matalasie, a professional footballer. Join him as he tells his funny, touching, and explosive story within the world of the beautiful game. He details his path across continents, after being spotted by premiership scouts when playing football in his birth country of Zimbabwe. He tells of his journey from his Shona Tribe in Africa to Norwich, the place which becomes his home.He reflects on his life under President Mugabe's Zanu PF Part and tells of his magnificent football debut and the almost immediate success, fame and the financial rewards which follow. Witness the decision he has to make and the consequences.

Open Mic Evening

Friday night has been Open Mic Night for the past four years now, one of the most fun events for Southburgh Festival campers. A great  opportunity  to perform in front of a live and friendly audience. Everyone is welcome whatever the act,  playing spoons, give a comedy routine, play a tune, sing a song, whether you are amateur,hobbyist, or seasoned performer, everyone is welcome to take a stand. It is a great way to officially open the festival in the spirit of celebration and community.



MAIN STAGE  - 4pm-11.30pm

This year is as magical as our previous years with our two stages offering music from around the world – be amazed by the sound of  and African music in the barns.

Chartwell Dutiro

Chartwell has played the Shona mbira almost his entire life. From a village childhood in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) where he played at ceremonies with the local spirit medium, to performing and recording with Zimbabwe’s iconic Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited, to his more recent career as a teacher, solo artist, and band-leader in the UK, Chartwell has cut a remarkable path through African music.

Chartwell is a superb instrumentalist and a soulful singer. His arrangements of Shona traditional music are innovative and inspirational. He is a gifted storyteller with a deep sense of history and a wry sense of humour. An evening in his presence is an
unforgettable experience. Chartwell will be joined on stage by Anna Mudeka, Millicent Chapanda, Jori Buchel and Shorai Dutiro

Edwin Pope

Mutant Vinyl is the work of British singer songwriter and instrumentalist Edwin Pope. Tipped by the likes of Huw Stephens, Janice Long and Tom Robinson, Mutant Vinyl aka Edwin Pope has been creating his own music genre since 2011. Supporting the likes of Rudimental, Wolf Alice, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and Mystery Jets, Pope’s music has landed him features on 6 Music, Radio 1, Radio 2 and Amazing Radio. His latest offerings ‘Lavender’ and ‘New York Dub’ have gained tremendous support with Lavender winning the SongLink prize for best contemporary song in 2015.

"A musician of the highest calibre. A special performer." - Huw Stephens, Radio 1
"Excellent! Great sax riff." - Sir Paul McCartney

"He's absolutely fantastic. A wonderful performer... such energy!" - Janice Long, Radio 2

"Jazzy, electronic, funky, all around awesome. Like Peter Gabriel for the 2010s." - Thought Catalog

Mariarchi Las Adelitas

The Adelitas were Mexican women who took to arms in the Mexican revolution either to accompany their husbands or to rebel against the many injustices of the time. The name comes from one such woman, for whom a famous ‘corrido’ about the revolution was written, but has now come to symbolise all of these fearless warrior women. Hailing from all corners of Latin America, the only all-female mariachi band in Europe, they are the chosen band to represent Mexican culture for the Independence Day celebrations hosted by the Mexican embassy, and have this year been invited to play at a prestigious festival in Los
Angeles, home of many great mariachi ensembles. #/mariachi-las-adelitas/

Murphy’s Lore

Based in Lowestoft and Norwich, Murphy’s Lore are one of the  UK’s most established independent folk rock bands and have played extensively across the UK and Europe over the last decade. Their material often moves across genres as diverse as folk, country, rock and ska, but always retains a distinctive Murphy’s Lore feel and sound. Their energetic live performances produce colourful and highly spirited events that lift theiraudiences and leave them wanting more.

“A defiant shout in the face of crushing officialdom and I love it” Mike Harding (Folk Show)

“East Anglian folkabilly of high degree. Clearly ready to reach for bigger things, they’re rather wonderful.” FRoots Magazine

“...High tempo folk rock... Songs to make you think, songs to make you smile and tunes to make you dance” FATEA

“A beautiful beautiful song and lovely lovely tune...We need to hear more of the music of Murphy’s Lore out there” Sue Marchant (BBC Eastern Counties)

“They need to be seen to be believed...Absolutely superb...You really want to dance to it!” Sally Naden (BBC Lancashire)

Zee Guveya and The Heritage Survival Band

An ensemble of exceptionally talented singers and musicians from Harare, Zimbabwe. This Afro-fusion music draws on modern influences whilst upholding familiar traditional rhythms. Lead singer and guitarist Zivai 'Zee' Guveya's talent was first discovered when he was just 15 and he soon began working with famed Zimbabwean musician Dr Thomas Mapfumo. During this time Zee transformed into a multi-skilled musician playing guitar, marimba and mbira; he recorded 5 albums and toured throughout Africa, Europe and North America before relocating to the UK. He founded The Heritage Survival Band In the UK with fellow Zimbabwean musicians, and, since 2005, together they have performed extensively at events and music festivals including

Rich Mix 2014, Hootananny Brixton 2013, Bestival, Isle of Wight
(2013), RhythmTree Festival, Isle of Wight (2013), Luton Carnival
Uk (2009 & 2013) Marlborough Jazz Festival, Wiltshire UK
(2013& 2012), Kaya Festival, North Wales (2012), WOMAD
Festival (2009), Ocean in London, Manchester Academy.

All band members are veteran performers in their own right who have worked with some of the true greats in the Zimbabwean music scene such as the late Tongai Moyo and Andy Brown, Alick Macheso, Ambuya Stella Chiweshe and Oliver Mutukudzi. Together, Zee and THSB have been described as ‘a compelling, insistent dance band weaving and shuffling hypnotic up-beat chimurenga songs with fast-beat sungura music.' They are currently working on their album ‘Rwendo/Journey.’


Here is what our audience liked at the festival last year:

"Everything was family oriented, lovely sitting picnic area"- Shila

"Space easy for parking and great selection of activities" - Liz

"I felt the grandchildren were safe, loved the Zulu dancing" - Sheila

"Community feel, fun activities, good bands and great cocktails" - Vicki

"Loved the location and atmosphere" - Andrew

"Everyone was really friendly, good local spirit"- Lucy

FRINGE STAGE  - 12pm-7pm

Since we added the Fringe Stage five years ago it has really grown in popularity offering a mellow selection of music from emerging and established artists. This year we have a fantastic line up for you including Dancas de Brazil, Rayze, Mirrors Image, Backwards City, Doo Hickies, Bruce Ncube, Olissa Kim Francisco, Paul Thwala, Mahatmas, DJ Neil.

Dancas de Brazil

Upbeat Brazilian traditional carnival dances from the northeast of Brazil plus Afro-Brazilian Dances; Afoxé, Dance Extracts from Orixás of Camdomblé, and Samba de Roda.

Reyze is a singer/songwriter from Guimaraes in Portugal who, with accomplished guitar playing, presents a distinctive and intense collection of songs. His melodies transport us to sweet melancholy whilst daring us to hope and dream of freedom in an utopian world. and

Backwards City

An ambient, slow tempo pop originals band. Joe and Amelia have created music together in Norwich for the past year with a number of musicians, their aim is to create music with as many people as possible, as much as possible. They have a wide range of styles, but always with feel good rhythms. City-510986835914062/

The Doohickies

Rambling hillbilly family band ‘The Doohickies’ play a motley selection of hits and near misses from the past 150 years, in their own quirky style.

Mirrors Image

Star Cousins and Macy Warren on vocals and ukulele are an acoustic duo from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Mirrors Image sound is characterised by close harmonisation and delightful interplay between ukuleles which is guaranteed to raise a smile. They present a variety of original material and acoustic re-arrangements including charming versions of songs by Dodie, Declan McKenna and Kings of Leon.

Bruce Ncube

Founder and director of Mema Arts Zimbabwe, Bruce Ncube specialises in teaching songs and harmonies from his native country as well as Southern Africa. His approach is entirely inclusive and participatory. The songs he teaches are emotionally charged and uplifting - bringing messages of hope, inspiration and togetherness.

Olissa Kim Francisco

An uplifting and dynamic Afro-House interactive dance performance exploring movement from West Africa, South Africa, Brazil, and beyond - all to the deepest beats of House. Olissa Francisco is based in London, and excited to share her groove and co-create with you.

Paul Thwala (Mr. T.)

Since 2002, Mr. T. has worked in and around the UK showcasing cultural diversity through music and dance. Leading the incredible Afro-Zulu dancers at many cultural events and festivals in the UK. Cultural arts are presented best with plenty of audience participation and this can lead to great success when learning about cultural exchange.

The Mahatmas

The new psychedelic sound of Norwich


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